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The Stigma of Sharing Success

Have you noticed the stigma around sharing our successes? So many of us feel judgment around this. There is no doubt that we all want our businesses to succeed and to make us money, to allow us to do what we want with our life. However, there is a stigma around talking about your sales success, buying a new car, taking a luxury holiday, or whatever wins you are having. So let’s put an end to this stigma. Read on for three strategies when it comes to sharing these successes publicly.

Attract the Right Clients

Sometimes we have this fear that when we share our successes around money, people can stop paying us. We are afraid that people will start being late on invoices, cancel their contracts, or argue about what you charge. A fear that says you’ve created a platform that focuses too much on money and in the end, that is your only goal. But ultimately, if your business is changing your life, by creating certain outcomes and successes, we should be able to celebrate that.

Focus on Indirectly Filtering

When you share your success stories, it allows people to come on the journey with you. You are creating a mindset on your platform. When your audience jumps into that mindset, it makes them want to be challenged. They become so excited by your success, that it creates more opportunities for them to win as well. So by sharing your successes, you can indirectly filter your audience to who is ready to receive the information and be a part of the journey.

Build Credibility

You have every right to share whatever you want on your platform. You can celebrate your wins, mourn your losses, and vent about whatever you need to. So if you want to celebrate successes in your business, absolutely do it. If you want to showcase the work that you do, the impact that you have, and the way that you are making a difference, do that! This makes people want to work with you more and for you to show them that you are someone who is ready to get results.

You have permission to showcase your successes without fear of judgment!

If you are ready to focus on your results, sales, and your success, all while sharing it with your friends, family, and social audience, then check out my Summer Sprint Programme!


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