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What to Do When a Launch Fails

Have you experienced a failed launch? You've done the word to create the course, product, podcast, programme, etc., and then it flops. There is so much pressure around having a successful launch. Not to mention the factors that go into making sure your offer is ready for the world. So how do you bounce back after a launch doesn't go the way you had hoped?

Read on for 10 things you can do when a launch fails.

1. Compassion

Be compassionate with yourself. You deserve love!

2. Patience

Have (real) patience with yourself. Businesses aren't built in a day! It takes time to create something big!

3. Check In

Take a minute to check in with yourself and your energy.

4. Space

Allow yourself space to bounce back. You are not a failed one and done!

5. Analyze

Analyze the process of your launch. Take into account the pricing, promise, people, language, and timing.

6. Innovate

Keep moving forward with purpose. Be innovative!

7. Share

Share the lessons you learn with your community - this creates strength for you & insights for them.

8. Responsibility

Take responsibility for your actions in the launch. Were you organized? did you fully commit? did it feel right?

9. Support

Lean on your support system and your coach. This is how we grow!

10. Learn

Learn from the failed launch. Grow from it. Come back stronger and do it again!

One failed launch doesn't make you or your business a failure. This doesn't define the future of your business!

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