• Samantha Hearne

Why Modeling Is Powerful For You And Your Community⠀

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am passionate about showing up as full, unashamed myself. Hair up, gym clothes on, no make-up.

Do you know why?

Because that's not what matters. What matters is what we do beyond that that counts.

Our language

Our consistency.

Our decisions.

Our actions.

Because how you show up for your community will allow them to see what is possible for them too.

Overcoming challenges, dealing with comparisons, handling objections, going through highs and lows in business, managing the happens to everyone.

But it’s how you handle and navigate these that matter to you and your community.

So take some time to think and reflect on this:

1. How are you modeling to attract your dream clients?

2. What do you demonstrate to your audience and how does that mirror back on the types of clients you attract?

3. In what ways are you leading by example & showcasing what is possible?

You might be surprised by this (but you shouldn’t be), I handle and experience everything you do but I have this mindset:

If I want to create my best future, it starts with what I do right now.

So what are you doing right now?

How are you showing up and modeling that to your community?