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Your Insecurities Go With You

No matter how successful you become in your life or your business, your insecurities go with you, unless you take the time to fully heal and own it. Read on for a few examples of this.

Examples of Insecurities

If we say we hate complainers, but we then complain about people complaining, we have become what we don’t like.

If we don’t like gossiping, but we then gossip about someone gossiping, are we any better?

The same insecurities happen in business.

If you spend too much time consuming what you don’t want or getting drawn into things that trigger your insecurities or struggles, will this allow you to actually become the version of yourself that you want?

Your Reflection Task

In order to overcome these insecurities, you need to do some reflection. Here are 7 reflection questions to help and guide you.

Question 1:

Do you have any insecurities?

Question 2:

When is the earliest time you remember feeling this?

Question 3:

What can you start to do when this creeps up to stop it from taking over?

Question 4:

How can you work through this so it doesn’t hold you back?

Question 5:

Are you triggered by people that show up like they don’t have this same insecurity?

Question 6:

What can you learn from them instead of feeling triggered by them?

Grab a journal and give this reflection task a try and let me know how you get on in the comments below.

REMEMBER: No matter how successful you become, the insecurities will just go with you…. if you don't work to heal them.


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